When you start something new there is always a little sense of, is this going to work?

This morning, as I stood in the hall at Faith Lutheran Church in Coon Rapids watching intently to see if anyone was coming to our first Voices of Impact rehearsal, I was apprehensive. This choir that had a group of people working to make happen since February was finally going to sing its first notes.

The first couple arrived, and then another, and another. We started our first rehearsal with sixteen people and our volunteers. These sixteen people living with memory-loss were here to find a community and joy. As the first notes were sung, I confess there was a tear in my eye. This was happening!

It never ceases to amaze me about community and how connections interweave. I am fortunate that my mom is a gifted pianist, and she is volunteering with the Voices of Impact. A couple walked in, and my mom use to play the piano for the husband who was a former choir director. His wife, who lives with dementia, leaned over to my mom and said, “You used to play the piano for my husband, didn’t you?”

An instant connection!

I look forward to more music being made in the coming weeks. And I can’t wait for this choir to share their talents and stories with the community.

Steve Griffiths

Executive Director