My mom is 77 years old and until recently lived in Myrtle Beach, SC. She loved it, and I loved to visit. But when she could no longer safely drive, and felt no need to cook or eat, I knew it was time for a change. She would have loved to stay in her vacation home for years to come, but when you get down to 100 lbs, the jig is up. So, she now lives with me in my 3bdr apartment in beautiful, freezing Minnesota. Yep – she has the heat on 75.

It is a crazy ride having a parent move in with you. It feels like I have a toddler living here. So many questions! “Why don’t you make your bed?”  “You look tired, are you okay?” “Where are you going?”

I also have a list of to-dos added to my responsibilities. I make sure she eats 3 meals a day and takes her medications. I schedule Dr. appointments and take her out to lunch every week.  She loves to shop on Amazon, so I am constantly picking up packages and mail for her. You heard right, I get the mail for her. Trying to get her to leave the apartment to go 300 feet down the hall to the mailbox is horrific. She refuses.

So, this is just the beginning. My mom has been here for two months and I can’t wait to see how it goes.  I will let you know!

P.S. My mom is actually quite charming and loveable so having her here does have its perks.