Meals on Wheels Myth Busters

People must be at least 60 years old to qualify for services
Meals on Wheels provides services for neighbors who are at nutritional risk, unable to cook or grocery shop, or a danger to self or structure while using kitchen equipment. The youngest person we serve is 17 and the oldest is over 100. If you know someone at nutritional risk, please have them call us at 763-236-8718.

Meals on Wheels can’t meet my dietary needs
We strive to meet as many dietary needs as possible and work with dietary requirements such as low sodium, diabetic, gluten free, and food allergies. The daily menu selections offer meal choices so you can eat what you like.

It’s too complicated to sign up
It’s fast and easy to sign up and takes less than ten minutes. Go online to (LINK) or call 763-236-8718. Our goal is to provide your first meal within 48 hours of signing up.

Meals on Wheels is a long-term commitment
You can receive meals for any duration, whether it’s for a couple days a week or long-term situations such as recovering from surgery.  You decide when and for how long you receive meals.

Meals on Wheels is completely funded by government contracts and grants
Meals on Wheels receives very little direct government support.  The majority of our revenue comes from fees for services and contributions from the community.  It’s thanks to the generous support of our donors that we were able to meet so many needs and how we continue to support our communities today.

Meals on Wheels has plenty of volunteer drivers
Volunteers are the crux of our meal delivery and rely on volunteer drivers to provide each meal for our neighbors.  We currently have a great need for drivers in northern Anoka County. If you are interested in volunteering as a driver or in another way, please call 763-236-8718.