“I saw a lot of painful things during that time, but nothing compares to this.” That was a statement from “Jim,” one of our Meals on Wheels recipients to our volunteer drivers this afternoon. He was comparing his service during World War II versus the passing of his wife. Our driver said, “Jim told me he was a plane mechanic during the war. My dad did the same thing during World War II, so we had a connection. I was glad I could spend a few minutes with him today.”

Grief is an overpowering emotion. I’m fortunate that I haven’t lost anyone close to me, but I listen intently to friends who share that the small things are what bring about a wave of grief, sometimes in the strangest of places and the strangest of times. All I can say is how important it is for people to be there for each other and that sometimes the smallest thread of connection can help someone mourn and share their heartache. Never underestimate that you can be that thread, and when it happens, take the time to help that person, even if it’s a total stranger, to have the opportunity to grieve.

Today our driver for Meals on Wheels was just that person for Jim. I was just fortunate enough to hear his side of the story.

Steve Griffiths,  Executive Director