Your family resource for Answers to Aging

Many seniors and their caregivers have the misnomer that an estate plan is all that is needed to age with dignity. The estate plan is the tip of the iceberg. Not having decisions made about finances, housing, personal care and other concerns is what sinks many seniors and their caregivers. Once the crisis arises, no one knows exactly what the wishes are of the senior. This is where relationship are broken and caregivers increase in stress.

Family Aging Education is a curriculum for aging-seniors and their loved ones to discuss the concerns that arise with the aging process. Providing seniors the opportunity to impart their desires to age with dignity. Impact Services’ curriculum provides training in talking about aging and a self-guided manual to help families answer the critical questions that arise with the aging process. This curriculum, made with our many years of experience, allows for families to find a starting point for this difficult conversation. The questions provide an entry for families to seek answer to deeper more meaningful conversations that are pertinent to their family.

Areas address by the manual include:

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Housing
  • Safety and Security
  • Personal Care and Community Support

Impact Services holds training sessions at local care centers, faith communities, senior centers and other public presentations to train seniors and caregivers in the how to start conversation and how to use the manual to create an individualized action plan.

Answers to Aging manuals are on sale for $10. The manual will help you start the planning process for so you and your loved ones have a plan in place before a crisis arises.