Impact Services

Our mission is to provide nutritious meals and enable our neighbors to live independently

Meals On Wheels

A nutritious meal and daily check-in. Now serving All of Anoka County and Champlin.

Voices of Impact

A musical experience for persons living with memory issues and their caregiver.

Answers to Aging

Resources and education materials for your family to help discuss concerns with your loved ones.

2022 Sponsors of the Year:

3 Ways You Can Help Make An Impact Today

“From the bottom of my heart, with a lot of love to share with you, I want to say, ‘Thank you all, very, very much! Not only for the food I receive but the love you all share with me!!! ‘I feel like I am truly blessed.”


“Thank you for including me in your food service program! After just these few days of eating properly, I see a great difference in my body physically and mentally!! Thank you!  P.S. It is more than a meal!!


“Being able to make my own meal choice is great.”